Hidromac is a distributing company of Hoerbiger products since May 2012. Hoerbiger is engaged in designing, manufacturing and servicing of reciprocating compressor valves.

Hoerbiger Compressor Valves operate completely automatically with extreme efficiency, have long service life and guarantee optimum flow. Valves are available in a wide variety of designs for countless applications, be it for the compression of air, hydrocarbons, industrial gases or coolants, for lubricated or dry compressors, or in the low-pressure and high-pressure fields.

Hoerbiger have continually developed and improved Rings and Packings to ensure the effectiveness and performance of long term reciprocating compressor operation.

Hoerbiger Check Valves and Pressure Relief Valves protect lives, machinery, equipment, valuable assets at facilities all around the world, and minimizing business interruptions.

HydroCOM is the most efficient capacity control for reciprocating compressors. Only the required gas is compressed – avoiding unnecessary energy cost. Operators can quickly adjust the compressor to compensate for fluctuating conditions.

RecipCOM is a monitoring and protection system tailor-made to reciprocating compressors. It is reliable, versatile, fast and can trip a malfunctioning compressor within a single revolution. It combines embedded systems for speed and robustness with Windows-based software for ease of use and powerful data analysis.

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